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Age of Reckoning
Age of Reckoning 2
Age of Reckoning 3
Media covers, movie cards, & headshots
Behind the scenes

“The age of good and evil is now being decided”

Age of Reckoning series was a project inspired by both comic books and video games. With a cast of 14 spreading across 3 movies, this was a perfect project to combined different characters into one trilogy.   Each cast members photo shoot was shot separately on a green screen. Set poses was used for part 1 while 2 and 3 was using the more freestyle method.  The cast came up with the powers and costume they would like to have and wear. 


Photography and Graphic Designs by
Basil Steele
(Photos of Basil was taken by Dani and Lee.)

Aura – Carissa Valdez
Damarus – Amanda Wiley
Diamondback - Shaka Quan
Dr.  Scorpina – Bridget Steele
Martol – Tommy Kousonsavath
Mokara – Sheena Griego
Over Slay – Richard Baca
Power Star – Sarah Wilson
Red Xatia – Sabrina-Alexis
Sapphiress – Rachael Delgado
Sonic  Flare – Basil Steele
The Solar – Randy Powers
Violaceous – Ashley Poligala
Weapon – Jacobi Pickett

3D Studio Max

Created by
Basil Steele